We all know how helpful and energy efficient our world has become since we have changed over to LED lights. Well, now imagine how efficient our photography world can be with LED studio lights! For some, this is probably a pretty new concept to absorb. Let’s wrap our heads and minds around this again – LED lights for your photography studio!


Yep, this is something that is starting to really happen! There are many great benefits to having LED lights in the photography world. A big bonus is (of course) is a large amount of savings to the pocketbook! We all know that LED lights cost a bit more on the front-end of the purchase; however, we save TONS of money on the back-end of the purchase when it comes to our monthly electric bills.

LED lights stay cooler than traditional studio lights and use a fraction of the energy that traditional studio lights use. Even though they cost more up front, you won’t need to replace them for many years. Yes, many YEARS to come; that benefit alone is worth its weight in gold!

Something to note is that most LED-based photo studio lighting systems are made for video use, but they can also be used for still photography. Many LED lights offer a lower output of light since video work is often done at close range. There are products that offer a higher wattage output; just do your homework and research before you make any type of purchase. It doesn’t hurt to call the manufacturer and ask before spending your hard-earned money. As you know, it’s always “buyer beware” when you are investing in something new and unfamiliar.

More Key Benefits:

There are other key benefits to having LED studio lights. Here are a few:

* Low heat means little or no cool-down period, so you are on the go faster and able to accomplish more in less time. This is great when you are in a time-crunch!

* These lights usually have a high CRI (Color Rendering Index).

* The room and studio tend to stay cooler so your talent or products stay cooler (very beneficial when you have a long photo/video session).

* Easy adaption to multiple voltage power supplies.

* Virtually maintenance free – 25,000 to 1,000,000 hours of lamp life.

* You can clip gels to them without incinerating them or burning your hands.

* Nearly all LED fixtures are fanless and totally quiet on the set and in the studio.

* Efficient – LED lights convert 80% of their energy into light; the standard tungsten fixture only converts 20% of its energy into light.

* Most of the LED photo studio lights are dimmable and remote controllable manually or via DMX (a common method used to control stage lighting).

As you can see from the list above, there are many great benefits to having LED studio lights. These are just a few of the benefits we found; there are plenty of others.
Again, it’s always best to talk to the manufacturer of these lights before you invest a large amount of money that you are not able to afford, especially if you have a specific and detailed question that is not answered in a general article you may be reading. Research, research, research – we can’t say that word enough!

Choosing the Best Studio Lights For You:

In deciding which lights to purchase, there are several different ways to go about getting them. Of course, buying the lights outright is the easiest path; however, you can also purchase do-it-yourself kits and build the LED studio lighting system yourself. There are many kits available through traditional retail stores or you can go online to Amazon or other specialty websites to purchase your kit. Again, be prepared and do your homework and research before you venture on this path.

From what we have seen, these light kits can cost several hundred dollars, and these days most people don’t have that kind of money to casually throw away. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at online forums, and see what others have to say about them. This can be a great option in helping you decide the best way to get the studio lights you want and need.

Deciding What Type of LED Studio Lights Are Best for You:

Also, decide what your personal needs are and how you will be using the studio lights. Are they for still photography, video, people, animals, commercial products, etc. These are all things you need to think about as you make educated decisions on your purchase(s). Will your session be long, short, in a darker room, lighter room, what about the colors you are using in your photo/video session? These are all things to think about before making a change.

Most of the questions you would normally ask yourself using traditional studio lights will be the same questions you will ask yourself when purchasing the LED photography lights. Have a checklist and highlight the main concerns and questions you may have. Checklists are very helpful when it comes to getting a task accomplished.

In Summary:

There are tons of different brands when it comes to purchasing LED lights for your photography and video needs. We are not here to tell you which is best/worst. Again, just decide if you want a low-cost or high-end style. Once you make those decisions, you can decide what brand fits the bill for your specific needs. It may be a good idea to also cost compare on several different websites and once again, make phone calls to stores and ask the questions before making the purchase.

The most important thing to remember when you begin this journey is to have F-U-N! Whenever you start something new and uncertain in your life, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to take it too seriously. Just enjoy the process and all that you will learn from it. LED lights have become very popular and will most likely be around for a very long time. Once you have educated yourself, gathered all the necessary information you will need to make an informed decision, just embrace the change and enjoy the ride! Don’t look at it as facing something scary and uncertain that you must do, instead look at it as simply moving forward with the times! Remember, the one thing in life that is always certain is that there is most likely change just up ahead and around the corner. Cheers to LED lights in your photo studio and to a great return on your investment!