Regardless of your skill level and frequency of photographing, you can certainly benefit from a good tripod. These tools are particularly a significant part of a travel photographer’s toolkit. You can rely on a sturdy and lightweight tripod to keep the camera steady to capture photos and videos outdoors.

In this review, we talk about the backpacking tripods from Sirui which are designed to be portable, lightweight, versatile and ideal for any experience level.

Sirui T 025x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

Sirui Tripods Review – UPDATED 2020

Sirui is one of the leading providers of high-quality photography equipment including camera and video tripods, specialty heads, camera cabinets and bags. Their travel tripods are the most popular among photographers for their lightweight and portable design. They are a great choice for travel photography and videography.

The Sirui T-series tripods are great accessories for outdoor shooting. Most of these models are made up of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber to provide something really lightweight for easy carrying. The aluminum components are anodized to make them corrosion resistant and sturdy. Their center column is reversible to let you adjust the angle to suit your application.

These travel tripods also allow detaching the center column into a short and a long section to provide enough stability and versatility. The height is adjustable to facilitate different angles. It can be easily converted to a short center column for low angle shooting. Ergonomic leg design gives a comfortable grip.

Sirui 025x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

A great option for conditions where weight and size are a problem, the Sirui 025x carbon fiber tripod belongs to the T-series introduced by the brand for travel photographers. It features an extremely small and portable design and weighs just 1.5 lbs to suit backpacking. Its folded size is only 31cm which can be held with one hand.

The carbon fiber version of the T-005 model from Sirui has the same specifications as the original tripod but comes in a lightweight design and a variety of color options. The tripod comes with a load capacity of 13.2lbs and is designed for compact camera bodies. It suits a fixed lens camera, small DSLRs and CSCs. It can even be used with video camcorders. Special five-section leg design and lighter weight make them less suitable for larger DSLRs though you can use them with bigger cameras as long as the weight is less than the capacity and they are used on a stable surface.

The T-025x is a light and compact model that extends to up to one meter in height. It also folds up to be a highly compact unit and is great for travelers.

Build and Performance

The tripod ships in a dust-proof bag with a shoulder strap and a zip-lock pouch, a carabiner clip, a warranty card and a user manual. Each of the legs of the tripod has five sections that come together with clamps. Two of the leg sections also have foam covers for a comfortable grip. The clamps at the leg joint are covered in rubber for a non-slip, secure point of contact with easy locking.

When packed, the tripod legs lie along the central column with 180 degrees turn up. As the legs are pulled out from the column, you can lock them in one of the three click stops to suit the desired position. Once you get familiar, the locking system is easy to use and lets you adjust the legs at different angles.

The Ball Head

At the top of the central column on the tripod, the C-10 ball head screws onto the mounting plate. It is a strong and sturdy ball head made out of anodized aluminum. A 29mm ball attaches permanently to the head holding the camera. You can find three adjustment knobs to attach different parts of the head.

Centre Column

The tripod’s central column is made up of two sections and the inner one can extend up to 145mm to raise the mounting plate for the ball head. It is locked in place with a twist clamp. You can unscrew and detach the entire column to increase its stability. There is a small metal loop at the undersurface of the center where you can hang weight to boost stability. The carabiner clip lets you hang a camera bag, sandbag or any other weight.

Best Lightweight Tripods For Backpacking

Let us consider some other lightweight models ideal for backpacking and traveling.

Sirui N-2204x 4 Section Pro

One of the highest-ranked models from the brand, the carbon fiber tripod includes a travel bag for easier storage and travel. Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this tripod folds to a height of less than 19 inches and easily detaches for convenient storage. By extending the legs, you can increase the height to more than 52 inches.

The tripod has a load capacity of 33 pounds and suits heavier professional cameras and video equipment. You can also hang weights to the center column to keep the tripod stable during longer photography sessions.

Sirui T-005KX Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Ball Head

While this model does not accommodate as much load as others, it is an ideal tripod for those who want something really light for backpacking. You can use this tripod with a camera and accessories that weigh less than 8.8 pounds. At a weight of just 1.9 pounds, it is so lightweight that kids can carry it too. It has a maximum height of over 54 inches and comes with rubber grips on the leg for easy adjustments. The integrated locks let you fix the legs to a specific height. You can even remove the center column for lower angle shots.


Sirui is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in lightweight, functional backpacking tripods for outdoor shoots. It offers several lines of compact, sturdy, lightweight tripod models that suit different users and applications. If you are in search of a reliable companion for your backpacking or adventure, Siruitripods will certainly suit your needs.