HAMA Traveller 163 Ball Tripod Review

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you know the importance of a tripod if you love photography. A tripod is the only way to capture blur-free photos, particularly when the lighting conditions are not optimal. Hama is an amazing brand when it comes to choosing camera accessories. It offers a selection of compact and lightweight travel stands, stands for action cams and phones and sturdy tripods.

Today, we review one of the travel camera stands from HAMA, the Traveller 163 Ball Tripod which is a popular option for professionals because of its outstanding reliability and sturdiness. In this review, we take a closer look at the product’s features and offerings to help buyers make an informed decision.

HAMA Traveller 163 Ball Tripod Review – UPDATED 2020

Designed to be the right pick for travel, the HAMA Traveller 163 Ball Tripod is a lightweight and compact tripod suitable for photo as well as video cameras. Its light design makes it ideal for holidays, travels, outdoor trips and hiking.


Thread/connection – ¼” (6.4mm)

Weight – 1350g

Max profile thickness – 23mm

Min. height – max. height – 21-163cm

Maximum load – 4000g

Leg segments – 4 sections

Warranty – 2 years


The HAMA Traveller 163 ball tripod has a lightweight aluminum design to be easy to carry outdoors and on trips. Its legs are covered in a non-slip foam to make the stand suitable for different weather conditions. Spikes at the feet make sure you get a firm and steady grip on soft or slippery surfaces.

The 3D ball head of the tripod facilitates perfect alignment for capturing images in both portrait and landscape format and makes it ideal for both camera and video shooting. It also offers an inverted position for convenient macrophotography close to the ground.

This tripod makes it super easy to adjust the center column height to up to 163cm with the help of a simple crank. You can adjust it continuously and lock it into place to achieve the right height. A smooth panning 3-way tripod head complements this so that video and photos can be captured from different angles to achieve the best perspective.

The smooth panning of the head also facilitates creating a smooth, flawless film and preventing jerky videos. There is also a hook that allows hanging the tripod in rough terrain and windy conditions. The quick-action leg feature locks the tripod legs at the required position and height to give a steady hold on uneven surfaces. The tripod also comes with a quick-release plate with a click function to make it easy to switch the camera.

HAMA Camera Stands – What You Should Know?

HAMA is one of the world’s leading accessory companies operating across countries and specializing in areas like multimedia, digital, photo, audiovisual, optics and smartphones. The company aims to make technology usage simpler and more versatile in everyday life. You can find a huge range of high-quality accessories for smartphones, TVs, sports, audio and gaming equipment, computers and laptops and much more.

HAMA offers an extensive range of photo and video accessories including camera stands. The brand is known for its lightweight, compact, versatile stands for different photography equipment. You can find a wide variety of sturdy and reliable monopods and tripods for the perfect shots and videos. HAMA has a camera stand for every application and requirement.

Most camera stands are designed to be versatile with adjustable heights so that you can photograph with ease on rough and uneven surfaces. A majority of this equipment is made up of lightweight aluminum to suit outdoor use and adventures. The tripods and monopods feature the latest technology and powerful specifications to enable optimum angles for professionalism.

HAMA Tripod Quick Release Plate

HAMA offers a line of quick-release plates for different tripod models. The high-quality quick-release plate makes it easy to attach and remove a camera from the tripod. This means you save the time wasted in struggling with fixtures and screws. HAMA tripod plate makes sure the camera can be clipped on and off the head of the tripod in no time and secured at the right shooting angle so that you don’t miss out any opportunity for a great shot.

The HAMA Tripod quick release plate is a compact accessory that takes up a little space in your bag or pocket to allow an instant exchange of cameras on the move. With this plate, there is no need to carry a different tripod for every camera you want to use. You just need to install a quick-release plate on the cameras and it is as easy as clipping on and off to switch them.

HAMA Traveller Compact Pro Plate

HAMA Traveller Compact Pro is a lightweight and reliable tripod stand that suits outdoor photoshoots and travel. The quick-release plate is one of the most useful accessories for this tripod as it facilitates quick changing of cameras.

The HAMA quick-release plate is designed to save you from carrying stands for different camera models. This plate makes it extremely easy to attach and remove your camera from the Traveller Compact Pro tripod. You can simply carry the quick-release plate for your tripod and easily clip the cameras on and off the stand without having to work with screws and fixtures.


The HAMA Traveller 163 tripod is a great choice for travel and trips for its lightweight and compact design. It offers all-weather reliability and keeps you free from having to carry extra weight. It is ideal for photo and video shooting and allows you to capture professional-quality film. It comes with a carrying case to transport the tripod wherever you go. It is a worthy investment for hobbyists as well as professional photographers who want to capture on the go!