A durable, well-built tripod can take photography to the next level. While there are several brands offering these accessories with varied sets of features, not all of them are created equal. Leofoto is a reputed manufacturer specializing in photographic equipment accessories and strives to be the choice of professionals for equipment support systems.

In this post, we review Leofoto tripods and take a closer look at one of its popular carbon fiber model.

Leofoto ln-364c Review

Leofoto Tripod Review – UPDATED 2020

Leofoto is one of the most popular brands offering tripods made out of lightweight carbon. With a diverse assortment of accessories, it suits a variety of photographers with their distinct requirements. You can find more than 45 Leofoto tripods in the market at the time with carbon models being the most popular.

Carbon tripods from Leofoto are high-quality and not so expensive as other brands. Carbon construction makes sure the tripods don’t oxidize under the effects of water and air, making them extraordinarily durable. These are some of the most stable, strong and lightweight tripods that handle a lot of impact. What makes Leofoto tripods different from others is their special construction. They are made out of ten layers of woven carbon that make them more vibration dampening, stronger and more stable.

The Leofoto carbon tripod features telescoping legs with a twist-lock screw locking so that you can screw and unscrew the legs effortlessly with a single hand. This type of locking system ensures that the locks remain screwed tightly. It is also easier to maintain the legs after a trip. You can easily unscrew the sections and clean them. Another advantage is that the shims, that make sure the legs stay in place, are made out of a single piece. This means you don’t need to worry about bent or damaged legs.

Leofoto Carbon Fiber Tripod

Leofoto offers several lightweight tripod options for mountains and adventures. They are the most stable, strongest carbon fiber tripods that provide an operating platform for creative photography. The carbon fiber tripod is designed ergonomically for fast setup, ease of operation and durability. Some of the models can support loads up to 100 lbs. These models suit those who want something that remains stable under extreme conditions.

These tripods are designed to handle big loads and have a modular operating platform. The top element can be adjusted to support several accessories to suit the application. The tripod can be adjusted to three different angles depending on the shooting needs. The legs are made up of 100% Toray 10-layer carbon fiber material in a cross rhombus structure to ensure less vibration, greater stability and strength. It has a special leg locking system that lets you lock and unlock legs in just ¼ turn with a quick rotation.

The legs of this carbon fiber tripod have an adjustable tilting angle. You can set the angle to one of the three values depending on the application. The biggest angle lets you position the tripod legs flat on the surface to get really close to the ground.

Leofoto ln-364c Review

A heavy-duty tripod built to handle the most extreme telephotos, the Leofoto LN-364C is made up of 10 layers of Torayca carbon fiber and aluminum hardware. It has a load capacity of 77.2 lbs that suits small mirrorless cameras, large format cameras and DSLRs. The quality of material and construction is excellent for the price and there is nothing that feels cheap.

The carbon fiber legs have four sections that lock and unlock through a twist-lock system and the support extends to a height of 63 inches. With a 4-section construction, the tripod can fold down compactly to 22.8 inches and weighs just 5.7 lbs. the twist locks secure tightly with a single hand and the angle stop can be easily adjusted. The tripod is durable and performs well in extreme weather conditions.

The Leofoto ln-364c is quick to setup. A high-quality locking system and angle stops make it faster to setup as compared to other models. This means you never have to worry about missing the perfect shot again. Apart from the ease of use, this model has a great vibration dampening. At the yoke, there is a video bowl adapter that works with video heads and a safety release button that keeps the top plate from falling out.

Another amazing feature of the tripod is its replaceable foot design. The rubber feet are of superior quality and keep the tripod stable in slippery rock and other terrains, making the unit suitable for coastal photographers. As you tighten the rubber feet, they create a tight seal on the legs and keep the water away even if submerged. You can replace the rubber feet with stainless steel spikes that can drive into a soft surface like snow to stabilize the tripod.

Leofoto G4 Review

A small and cost-effective option for a geared head, the Leofoto G4 is ideal for a fast and precise composition for outdoor usage. It is a lightweight, compact head suitable for travel and field applications. Weighing just 1.5lbs, the G4 can sit comfortably on the top of almost any all-purpose style tripod. It has excellent ergonomics with two gearing knobs placed naturally for tilt and leveling. The knobs are kept large, easy to adjust and convenient on the fingers.

The Leofoto G4 has large levers that allow unlocking the two geared axes from the gearing. Once unlocked, the head can be moved easily by pushing on the camera. The only problem with this geared head is the lack of stiffness. It is a great option if you are looking for a well-constructed head for field use.


With a build quality and durability in-line with the best in the industry, the Leofoto tripods are certainly some of the best-recommended models for those who want to improve the stability and convenience of their photographic sessions in different conditions.