The Gorillapod Tripod is a versatile tool that any amateur or professional photographer or filmmaker should include in their kit. The

JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom.

tripod is lightweight, flexible, and with a variety of different options available can offer a number of creative possibilities.
Here are a few inventive ways that photographers and filmmakers can use the Gorillapod Tripod:

1. Exciting Nature Shots:

Outdoor photography can present a number of challenges when trying to find the perfect shot. The flexibility of the Gorillapod Tripod offers users the opportunity to take interesting and exciting pictures of everything from deer grazing in a field to birds playfully flitting around a birdfeeder.

Capturing the right angle for a picture close to the ground, like a stream, can be complicated. Keeping hands steady while filming something can cause strain that creates unwanted shaking. The legs of the tripod can be placed in several stable positions to make such pictures possible. For users who want a higher view, the rubber grips around the legs allow the tripod to be wrapped around generally challenging objects like tree branches. A patient photographer may be rewarded with an intimate view of a variety of wildlife.

2. Unusual Angled Shots:

For the ambitious, the Gorillapod Tripod can also be used for unusual or complicated angles. Classic overhead shots that feel as if the audience is floating over a scene can be tough to execute. The tripod legs can be wrapped securely around a stable object like an overhead fan to give audiences that ethereal feeling of hovering above a scene.

For an unorthodox application, the tripod can be positioned on to something like a rail. These angles can be used to capture the crowds of people descending down the stairs, perfect for B-roll referencing the activity of a professional environment.

3. Dynamic Perspective Shots:

The Gorillapod Tripod is not limited to stationary shots. The tripod also has several dynamic applications that empower users with the ability to create thrilling footage. The legs of the tripod can be shaped into different positions that give users a number of options for their shots. A tripod leg curled over the top of a camera in the shape of a handle gives photographers a way to create low shots that travel along the floor. Outer legs bent into handles can give users enough stability to create sweeping or tracking shots.

For fun, the tripod can be affixed to any number of unusual, mobile surfaces, from a pet dog to an arm. A curious pet owner can clamp the camera to a dog collar and see what kind of trouble their pet gets into. Strapped to an arm, the tripod offers yet another dynamic angle from which a scene can be filmed.

For the filmmaker or photographer looking to diversify their portfolio, the Gorillapod Tripod can be a valuable tool with limitless possibilities that allows them to create dynamic, unusual, and creative shots.