Regardless of your experience level and location, a good tripod is an essential piece of equipment that provides you the right base for capturing beautiful scenic shots. Feisol is one of the best brands to consider when looking for a reliable tripod. They offer an affordable range of carbon-fiber tripods that last long and facilitate travel.

In this post, we review the Traveler series tripod, Feisol CT 3441sb and take a closer look at its features and offerings to help you understand what you can expect from it.

Feisol CT 3441sb

Feisol CT 3441sb Review – UPDATED 2021

The CT 3441sb is a tripod that any photographer should have if he likes capturing whatever he encounters on the road. It is a lightweight model from the Traveler series of the brand which includes the CB-30D ball head to allow free-flow movement on all axes from a single point.


Folded size – 43cm

Maximum height – 183cm

Minimum height – 43cm

Weight – 1.45kg

Maximum load capacity – 20kg

Maximum leg tube diameter – 28mm

Warranty – 3 years


The Feisol CT 3441SB is designed to deliver a lightweight performance wherever you carry it. The tripod has an advanced design that lets the legs turn to 180 degrees along the central column and fold easily into a length of 43cm. It is constructed using durable carbon fiber that reduces its overall weight and the entire kit weighs just 1.45kg when packed.

Being a lightweight traveler tripod, the CT 3441SB can be carried easily with other equipment without adding extra load. The tripod also features a twist-lock mechanism that makes it really easy to lock the legs in place. It comes with the Feisol CB-30D ball head that facilitates easy camera movement. It also includes the quick release plate to let you install and remove camera attachments efficiently.


What makes the tripod so light in weight is the use of compact aluminum and carbon fiber components in the ball head, leg joints and central column. The four-section leg tubes measure 28mm in diameter at the top and reduce to 17mm at the lower point yet the package weighs only about 1.5 kg. the ball head is the smaller of the two premium choices


All the components of the tripod are machined well in a consistent matte finish while the leg locks have a glossy look. Everything is assembled well, the legs turn smoothly, they lock tightly without effort and the tubes turn in and out without any wobbling.

Feisol Tripod Review – Should You Buy?

The Feisol CT 3441SB is easy to carry in the field once packed in the bag. Its light weight and ability to support load makes it a go-to gear for long hikes. Automatic leg angle locks make setting up things quickly and the legs take a very short turning to unlock. The tripod also reaches its mentioned load capacity in reality.

When the tripod legs are extended with center column sections lowered, it shows excellent vibration resistance. It minimizes the initial shock and dampens the vibrations quickly. This is attributed to its high-quality carbon fiber construction, sturdy build and solid components. The tripod is easy to use in hot and cold weather conditions and temperatures don’t affect the performance of the legs or ball head.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Outstanding finish and great build quality
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • Ball head available in two sizes


  • Rotating dual-centre columns
  • Non-retractable weight hook
  • Too tight bag

While there are some small glitches, the overall ease of use, compact and lightweight design and high-quality construction make this tripod a great choice for those who want something sturdy to accompany on trips.

Feisol Tripod Shooting

Talking about the shooting experience with the Feisol CT 3441sb, it can be said that it is not only lightweight but also quite smooth and efficient. Here are some of the features that make it a great tripod in the market.


An important consideration for a tripod is the ability to turn the camera when mounted on. The Feisol provides a smooth operation with an easy set up without any jerky movements. A little twist from the lock knob allows moving the camera on the ball head.

Camera Switching

The Feisol CT 3441SB includes a quick release plate that screws to the camera to make sure it can easily slide off the head and you can swap the cameras in just seconds.


A good tripod should provide a stable platform and do it during macro shots as well. This tripod comes with a screw at the bottom of the central column and lets you mount the ball head underneath the tripod. This means the camera is positioned about 2 inches above the ground so that you can capture delicate, minute objects beautifully.

Feisol CT 3441s Vs 3441sb – How Do They Differ?

While the 3441sb is an extended version of the Traveler tripod Feisel CT 3441s, there are a few minor differences between the two models. The CT 3441s has a lower operating height at 176cm while the 3441sb offers a maximum operating height of 183cm. Both of these models also differ in terms of weight. The Feisol CT 3441sb weighs 1.45kg whereas the 3441s weighs a little lesser at 1.19 kg. most other features of the two models are almost similar.

The Feisol CT 3441sb comes with the new CB-30D ball head and center column attached. It can also be used with spikes to work well on different types of terrains. While both these traveler tripods are stable, durable and easy to use, it is recommended that you should go for the CT 3441sb as you get a higher operating height and some extra stability with the weight.