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good cameras for youtube

YouTube has quickly become one of the most popular social media websites, and it looks like it will continue to grow in the coming years. The ability for anyone to express themselves by uploading videos has gotten easier with the huge availability of different cheap cameras for YouTube that make shooting and uploading a breeze. The great thing about this social media platform is that is really is for everyone, from the kids looking to share fun video of their experiences with friends at school, to the professional vloggers who are promoting products or services available on their websites. The best part about YouTube is that you really need no experience to create videos that look and sound as good as expert videographers.

Choosing good video cameras for YouTube is another thing altogether because of the huge variety available to the consumer. Professionals have a wide array of high quality cameras to choose from, and others can even use their smartphones to create stunning videos that can be uploaded to the social media profile pages. The most common question that appears over and over from the professional to the novice, “What are some good cameras for YouTube that will create high quality with simple to use features?” With so many options available to the consumer, this article will chunk down the choices into sections that will allow you to simply decide based on your budget, your needs, and your experience.

Here is a comprehensive listing of the top cameras YouTubers use to showcase their videos for the world to see. The list starts on the low-end with mobile devices that work fine for shooting video, and run the gamete to the professional grade cameras that will shoot the best quality videos that you can upload to your profile pages.

Shooting Videos With a Smartphone
Now you might not think that a smartphone would be capable of creating quality videos for use on YouTube, but you would be wrong. The smartphones of today have more going on inside than many of the huge desktop computers that were all the rage just a few years ago. In fact, many smartphones today are capable of creating professional grade videos with the press of a button. Not only are smartphones good video cameras for YouTube, they make uploading the content as simple as clicking a button. The smartphone utilizing high-speed wireless technology to upload the videos to your YouTube profile page, and within minutes you can be sharing the content with a global audience. We will discuss a few smartphones that are in the average price range but will provide you all the tools that you need to create, upload, and share some amazingly high-quality videos.

1. The Google Nexus

Google Nexus
When it comes to a smartphone that does double duty as a YouTube video camera, the Google Nexus  is certainly one device that is up to the task. For those people who are more on the Android than Apple side of the fence, this phone can certainly function as your high quality video camera. This smartphone makes taking videos a breeze, and because of the high processing speed, you shoot your video, you log into YouTube from the device, start the upload process, and then go back to playing Candy Crush or texting your friends. This smartphone will make short work of getting the video online and in front of the world quickly. The video buttons are extremely simply to navigate with the smartphone, and because everything is being done through the phone, after you upload a few videos, this process will get faster and easier for you. Now you have the ability to shoot amazing video at the beach, the park, a wedding, or even at school, and share it with your inner circle on YouTube in minutes.

2. The Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone
For those who prefer to play in the Apple world, the iPhone will give you everything and more you need when it comes to a high quality video camera. This is a very popular device choice even with the serious vloggers because of the high-end 1080p HD resolution. This mobile device will get you in the game and no one watching the videos will be able to tell if you used a smartphone or a high-end video camera to shoot your subject matter. This front-facing 720p mobile camera takes incredibly clear images and you have the ability to instantly upload them to your YouTube account with the click of a few buttons. The high-speed transfer rate will make easy work of getting even the largest files uploaded and in front of your fans. With a very fair price, high quality, and ease of use, this is certainly one of the good cameras for YouTube that will get the job done.

Uploading Videos While on Budget
When it comes to cheap cameras for YouTube, we are certainly talking about price and not image quality. Although many high-end cameras have incredibly high pixels and image quality, the affordable cameras today are miles ahead of even the best cameras of a decade ago. Technology continues to get faster and better each month, so choosing good video cameras for YouTube in this section will focus on price and usability. Now worries about compromising quality with these amazingly good cameras for YouTube.

1. The Sony HD HDRCX405 Handycam

Sony HD HDRCX405 Handycam
This camera quality a few years back would have cost you nearly a thousand dollars. The quality of the Sony HD HDRCX405 is compatible to the best cameras a decade ago, and today you get it for under a few hundred dollars. This is one of the popular cameras YouTubers use because they can get in the game cheap and still create high-end work. The videos can be shot at 1920×1080 Full HD 60p and it is the perfect size to slip in your pocket, backpack, or carryall and shoot in a moments notice. People will marvel at how amazingly clean and crisp the videos that you upload look. This camera is fast becoming the popular choice for skateboarders who travel to different locations and make on-the-fly videos of their adventures each day for their fans to enjoy.

2. The Canon VIXIA HF R700

Canon VIXIA HF R700
Coming in slightly more money that the Sony HD HDRCX405, this Canon VIXIA HF R7000 allows you to shoot some insane videos at full HD with a 57x optical zoom. Whether your subject is directly in front of you or at a decent distance, this YouTube video camera will bring everything up close and crystal clear. It comes with a powerful 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor and utilizes an DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor. This lightweight camera is perfect for taking on vacation to get those amazing once in a lifetime video memories of your trip. The memory card slot allows you to take tons of video and keep swapping out the cards until you upload them to YouTube.

Middle of the Road Video Cameras
If you want to shoot professional grade videos but don’t want to pay top dollar, these are some good cameras for YouTube that will not break the bank. These cameras will give you more than enough firepower to shoot in just about any condition and showcase some of the features that will make your job behind the camera easier. These are the perfect choice cameras if you are very serious about your vlogging, but not yer ready to go all-in.

1. The Nikon Cool Pix S-9900

Nikon COOLPIX S9900
Still considered by many to be one of the cheap cameras for YouTube, the Nikon S9900 is perfect for the aspiring vlogger who wants a camera that has the ability to shoot high-end videos. This camera is still under $300 and features WiFi capability for uploading on the road, and 16MP sensor, and even image stabilization features. Not only will the camera help you to keep your subject in focus, it will virtually eliminate that wobble that can distract those who are trying to watch the videos. This camera has incredible zoom capability, and the SD slot allows you to load and reload cards and capture as much of your subject as needed without having to upload.

2. The Canon Power-Shot S120

Canon PowerShot S120
The good thing about the Canon S120 is that with the camera’s advanced DIGIC 6 Image Processor  PowerShot S120 camera lets you shoot Full HD video at a selectable frame rate of 60 fps or 30 fps This camera is a breeze to use, compact, lightweight, and shoots video at a stunning 1080p with a 24mm Wide-Angle 5x Optical Zoom lens with a focal length of 5.2–26.0mm (35mm film equivalent: 24–120mm). This camera can do it all, from shooting fast-moving subjects, stabilizing moving subjects, to focusing in on the fine details of the surroundings.

The Top End Cameras for Shooting Video
When it comes to a high quality camera that shoots video, the following will certainly provide you everything and more that you need for uploading stunning quality videos to YouTube. These cameras are meant to be the do-all and end-all when it comes to uploading video, so whether you are a professional wedding photographer looking to upload your videos for prospective clients to see, a videographer who shoots car and truck show events, or someone running a company wanting to showcase all the positive attributes of your products, these higher-end cameras will certainly handle your needs and more.

1. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Canon EOS Rebel T5
Considered to be the YouTube video camera of choice for professionals, this high-end camera will run you over $600 and boosts and impressive 1080P with over 30 FPS. Although the camera is slightly larger than low-end cameras, it packs inside everything needed to make the best quality videos possible. It comes with a swivel screen that makes capturing and recording at every angle simple, and the high-quality built-in microphone makes sound quality impeccable. What will set your video quality apart from others is the way the microphone drowns out background noises that can distract from the action. The sounds from your subjects will be clean throughout the shoot. If vblogging is your business, you need to use a high quality video camera that will showcase your company in the best possible light. Each video that you shoot and upload will look like a professional production company was at the helm directing the work.

2. The Sony HDRPJ260V Handycam

Sony HDRPJ260V
We have finally arrived at the top of the mountain when it comes to a YouTube video camera that does it all and creates the absolute best quality videos for your profile page. The Sony HDRPJ260V really will knock your socks off because you go from novice to professional with the click of the on switch. Now you have the ability to be able to record your videos in every possible condition, abundant sunshine, low light, fast-moving, or still life. The optical zoom of the Handy-Cam is simply unrivaled, coming in at an impressive 30x zoom. That means even if you are shooting wildlife in its natural habitat, you can bring the audience up close and personal as if they were sitting sharing space with those majestic and yet dangerous creatures. There is zero dip in quality with this high quality video camera even at the highest zoom setting, something most other camera can not say.

So now you should have all the information you could possibly need on finding either a high quality camera that shoots video or cheap cameras for YouTube, regardless if you are just uploading fun times with friends or showcasing your vast inventory at your job. Don’t focus too much on the price of the camera, if you are on the fence and not sure if this is something that is going to pan out for you, start on the low-end and make your mobile device carry some of the load in addition to making calls and texting your family and friends.

If you find that this vblogging is something you need to pursue, then you have in your hands now all the information on the cameras and their specs from the low-end to the professional grade. If this is new to you, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up as your skill level increases.

Choosing the Best Camera Backpack for a Variety of Situations

The best camera backpack allows you to carry and protect all of your gear for extended periods of time. One of the biggest benefits to these professional camera bags is that you can have quick access to all your gear wherever you may be traveling. Regardless if you are a professional traveling photographer or you are taking a unique back country vacation and want your laptop and camera gear along for the trip, consider a few of these important factors before just choosing any backpack.

Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Pro DSLR Camera Backpack

What Do You Plan on Shooting?
What you plan on shooting will have a huge impact on the type of photo backpack that you choose. If you already know what type of subject material that you will be shooting on a regular basis, then you will have a better understanding which camera and laptop backpack will work best for your unique needs. While different subject matter brings with it unique challenges, getting a good idea what you will need for every possible situation is key in getting the right pack. From children playing in the park to exotic wild animals roaming their natural habitat, these subjects will drive the types of lenses you need to have with you at all times and to being along to the shoot.

1. Street Shooting – When you do the majority of your photography work on the streets, you need the best camera backpack that will allow you fast access to the equipment when that moment of inspiration quickly arises. The photo backpack should include side access so you can quickly get the shot before it disappears. Access on both sides of the pack is ideal, as well as top or body access for getting those different lenses in a pinch. Make sure the backpack has a dedicated compartment for a tablet or laptop because in urban environments you will certainly have plenty of access to WiFi connectivity. Consider the slimmer style backpack design because on the busy streets you will certainly draw unwanted attention to those looking to make off with your equipment while you are distracted.

2. Nature Photography – When you do the majority of your shoots out alone in nature, you will certainly be a long distance away from the subjects of your pictures. While getting close to most of your subject matter is impossible, utilizing longer lenses will make short work of that problem. This means that you will need to find professional camera bags that will allow you to reach just about any subject in the distance. The super-telephoto lenses take up a lot of room, so look for the pack that has the added space and plenty of support to protect these expensive pieces of equipment. Consider shopping for the best dslr backpack, they are built for hiking and will easily and comfortably carry all of the larger lenses.

3. Adventure Photography – Remote locations that put you in challenging conditions call for a camera bag that can be mobile and protect your gear on the run. When shooting in these conditions, such as climbing, mountain biking, or skiing, you will need to bring along the right tools to support the type of shoots you will be involved in. There might be a need for climbing ropes, axes, and even skis, and this is in addition to all of your photography equipment. This calls for professional camera bags that are built to handle extreme weather conditions while protecting your expensive camera equipment. Look for packs that are both weatherproof and waterproof, made from abrasive resistant materials. Consider looking for features like a premium suspension system that offers maximum versatility.

4. Vacation Photography – Perhaps you are finally taking that long vacation to several parts of the world and you want to be sure to take plenty of pictures. Now you need the best camera backpack that will hold some of your non-related gear as well as your camera equipment. Consider a camera and laptop backpack that has dedicated space for the laptop and your personal items, then one additional compartment for all your camera gear. Being able to bring along your camera equipment and personal items will ensure you have everything you need when that unexpected photo opportunity arises. Many people who like to island hop while on vacation miss great opportunities to get amazing pictures because they bring along changes of clothes and not the right camera equipment. Choosing the right camera pack will allow you to easily carry the essentials and be able to document the journey with some amazing pictures.

How Long Will You be on the Road?
The time frame and location for your photo shoot can greatly affect the type photo backpack you should bring along. When you primarily take day trips to your shooting locations, you want the camera bag that provides the flexibility to handle your camera gear, laptop, and personal items.Be sure to look for a bag with built-in weather barriers to ensure everything is protected in the event of a sudden storm. These waterproof backpacks are ideal when your day trip includes canoeing, boating, or kayaking. Consider a backpack with a built-in rain cover to protect from rain, mud, and excessive dust. If your shoots involve being outdoors for extended periods of time, then you want to locate bags that can handle trekking poles, sleeping pads, and drinking devices. The best dslr backpack distributes the weight of all your added gear so the trek is comfortable, and usually has separate compartments for your camera gear to give it added protection. Look for a dedicated camera storage area with the waterproof barrier between the camera and personal gear.

How Are You Getting to the Shoots?
If you are going to be spending considerable time in planes or trains traveling to your photo destinations, you need a specific camera and laptop backpack that will comply with the regulations of these modes of transportation. Getting on a crowded plane with all your expensive equipment can be quite stressful for many photographers, so finding the right camera and laptop backpack that will fit safely in the overhead compartment is an absolute must. If you tend to travel to these shoots with a massive amount of camera gear, then you need to find the right size camera bag that carries everything you need to get the most of every opportunity. Many of the packs will easily fit in the overhead compartments, and provide you travel friendly rolling features so you can get the bag on and off the planes easily too.

What Type of Activities are Involved?
When it comes to choosing the best camera backpack, one thing that will determine which pack to choose is the types of activities that you will be involved with at these shoots. These different activities can range from quiet locations, sporting adventures, to active locations. Perhaps you will be on the active trail and don’t want any opportunity to arise with you being unprepared, so you want the right pack that is both durable and can easily support every piece of camera equipment that you will be needing. When you will be cycling, hiking, or even mountain climbing, the camera bag you choose needs to be able to carry and protect your belongings while helping to keep you balanced as you trek to dangerous locations where the subject matter awaits. Many times the perfect shot can appear instantly, and then you need a pack that you can get to quickly and easily grab all the pieces you need before the opportunity is gone.

With so many photo backpack and professional camera bags to choose from, there is no need to get overwhelmed when you simply analyze your unique situation and build the bag around your specific needs. It doesn’t matter the claims made by the manufacturer if you will not be utilizing all the features of their top-selling bag. That is the mistake many novice photographers make early in the game, they buy the best bag and then quickly realize it does not to support them on the road. The key here is to carefully picture your day on a number of different shoots and imagine everything you will need during those tips. Purchase a bag that is durable, weatherproof, and provides plenty of padded compartments to keep all of your expensive camera equipment safe during your travels.



How to Properly Use a Photography Reflector

When it comes to photography, nothing will work unless you have light. In the photographers world there are two different types of light, the artificial and natural light. Natural light is usually a preferred setting for many professional photographers, but you work in a less controlled environment unless you utilize things like a photography reflector or photography umbrella. Here are some simple tips to use a photography reflector effectively and help enhance the photographs by bouncing that natural light.

Choosing the Right Photography Reflector
If you have not shopped for a reflector before, this process might be a little overwhelming for you. These reflectors come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The first thing that you will need to do is decide on the size you will need. If you are only shooting individual portraits, a small reflector works best. The larger the reflector, the larger area of softer light you can work with. Next you will need to consider the shape of your reflector. Some of these have handles for easy moving and adjusting, brackets, and frames. The more features, the more you can expect to pay. The 5 in 1 reflector will obviously cost a little more due to the fact it can do five things as opposed to a smaller unit that only does one. Lastly, consider the material you prefer working with. Silver material can be too reflective on sunny days but perfect for indoor shooting. Some models come with several cover choices to allow you to change depending on the outdoor conditions.

Using the Reflector
There are just as many ways to use the reflector as there is different type reflectors. There units you can hold yourself, have the subject hold, have an assistant hold, lean against something, or ones that are utilized in a stand. The photography umbrella will help to either enhance the images once the reflector is in place. The larger the light source in comparison to your subject, the softer you can expect the light to be. The reflector basically reflects your light source to the subject, so instruct the subject to not look direct at it, especially direct sunlight. Once you have the subject and reflector in place, move the reflector back and forth until the light hitting the subject is ideal. After moving the reflector back and forth a few times you will easily see the difference and be able to select the ideal conditions. A photography background can absorb a tremendous amount of light while directing just the right amount to the subject.

Working With Natural Light
Every photographer will have their own personal preferences when it comes to dealing with natural light. If you are using the reflector correctly, you can begin to incorporate more of the photography background into the shoot. In many outdoor situations you will find that there is not adequate light on the face of the subject and dark shadows will appear. Simply place a large reflector in front of the subject on the ground or a specific angle. Adjusting the reflector will eliminate those dark areas without blinding your subject. On overcast days you will notice that dark shadows will form under the subject’s eyes, a quick fix with a small reflector placed right on their lap or just out of the shot. Outdoor shooting can be very difficult for a beginning photographer because lighting is never the same at any given moment. Having a wide variety of colored reflectors on hand will ensure that you can maintain some normalcy in the shots regardless if the clouds start rolling in right in the middle of your shoot.

Working with Artificial Light
Working in the studio has one distinct advantage over outdoor shooting, you can easily control the lighting so that it is more consistent throughout the shoot by utilizing things like a photography umbrella or photography background. Even for something as simple as a headshot, a reflector allows you to get the right amount of light on the subject and automatically gives you the right ratio-correct fill light. One of the advantages to using a photography umbrella is that the flash is reflected off the umbrella and then to the subject, so the light is not as glaring as it would be coming from direct sunlight off a reflector. Bouncing the artificial light using a soft-box provides you ample lighting for just about any type subject. Experimenting to get the right mood is easy with reflectors, you can bounce a small flash off of a larger reflector to create soft, large lighting. Small reflectors are ideal for outdoor shoots because they can easily be placed just outside of the range of the camera but still improve the lighting on the subject matter.

Working With Landscape Shooting
Working with landscapes means you are now shooting a larger area that you obviously can not control the lighting for. The best photographers however utilize the landscape as their photography background, then use the photography reflector to focus the attention to either a key element or a subject placed in the foreground. The reflector is ideal for wedding shoots outside where the couple want to capture the surrounding location in the shots but still want to be the focus of attention. Rather than letting the beautiful surroundings take over the entire image, the reflector will cast a unique amount of light so that the couple almost appear to bounce off the picture. Working with a 5 in 1 reflector allows the photographer to adjust the tone of the light on the subject to produce different shots without anyone moving. Utilizing the different color reflectors can have a drastic impact on the way the pictures will appear when complete.

Jump in and Get Working
The key to taking great pictures is to experiment with your reflectors and understand which types work best in certain conditions. Although you have more control of your light indoors, the lighting can appear fake looking if you are not reflecting it properly. The same can be said for natural lighting. Not using the reflector the right way can cast too much light on the subject and bleach out the final product. The 5 in 1 reflector is probably the most versatile piece of lighting equipment that you could purchase. There really is no limitation to ways that you can use the reflectors, and as you get more experience, you will develop your own style that will help you to create masterpieces when you work.

There are a tremendous amount of reflector sizes, shapes, colors, brands, and styles to choose from. You might not find the perfect reflector on your first try, so experiment small and work you way up. The big advantage to buying the 5 in 1 reflector is you are getting five different unique settings for the price of one. This allows you more control over the conditions regardless if you are indoors or outdoors. Regardless if you are shooting portraits in a studio or working with subjects outdoors, the reflectors give you the opportunity to control your surroundings so that you can develop your own style that will set you apart from other photographers.

Neewer 43-inch 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector
Neewer 43-inch 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector